Unpopular Opinion Alert: Jenny & Shane Were Hot Together

The L Word: Generation Q is back in full force and we don’t even know where to start when it comes to unpacking the reboot of the iconic show. While we are enjoying the where-are-they-now aspect surrounding the story arcs of Bette Porter, Alice Pieczeki, and Shane McCutcheon, we’re frankly not yet obsessed with any of the younger cast, ‘s titular “Generation Q. To debrief, we’re basically following roommates living in one Koreatown apartment: Dani and Sophie, who just got engaged Dani works for Bette’s mayoral campaign and Sophie works at Alice’s talk show , Micah Lee , a super earnest transmasc professor and Sarah Finley, who goes by Finley, and is something of the Shane foil. We don’t yet know more about her character other than the fact that she jumps at the opportunity to squat at Shane’s oversized mansion and is the kind of lesbian who can build furniture in her sleep. Keep reading for everything else you need to know about Finley, and the actress who plays her. Plus, is Jacqueline Toboni married, single, or taken? The year-old played Theresa Rubel on Grimm for three years until , then went on to play the lesbian character of Jo in the TV series Easy. Many think that role primed her to be tapped on the shoulder for The L Word: Generation Q , and hey, anything is possible.

‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Review: New Vision, Old Blind Spots

Sophie races through the airport, and Ryan cuts between both of the other characters going through their travel motions. The Sophie-Finley stuff came from them — from watching the actors move together in the space. The more that we started to see them together onscreen, the more interesting it was to imagine a world in which they choose each other, or that they find something in one another.

Even people who never watched The L Word remember Shane McCutcheon, the So when did you come out and start dating women?

In the first episode, she shows up wearing a tiny leather vest and some string. No one in the history of clothes has ever dressed like this on purpose. Even when they weren’t wearing shower curtains or beige plastic, the cast were strutting about in mirrored sunglasses, paisley bandanas, and cheesecloth shirts with birds embroidered on them why, Tina, why.

They deserved better. OK, they live next door to each other, but they have nothing in common. Shane is an unwashed, womanising waif and “Tibette” are basically the Zuckerbergs of the LA lesbian set. If they found her in their house IRL they would have her arrested. Bette and Tina have jobs like “art centre director” and “movie exec”. Shane and Jenny have jobs like “assistant hair-sweeper” and “unemployed writer.

Did they win the house in a raffle?

Here’s Basically Everybody Who Was In “The L Word” And Also Is Gay Now

Are you as deeply disturbed as me and ship Jenny and Shane together? Lez me know in the comments and maybe we can see a therapist together. It seems like I offend people left and right with my unwavering unpopular opinions, including, but not limited to, ghosting is totally okay, a dinner bill should never be split , and Blue Is The Warmest Colour is a lesbian masterpiece. I get it, I get it, you guys disagree with me. Nay, they were perfect together.

Lesbian Pride. The L Word season Oh how I miss this show! I like Papi but I Love Shane . Lesbian PrideLesbian LoveShane L WordShane MccutcheonLeisha.

Every TV show worth its salt has its heartthrob. This time, the heartthrob looked a little different. While the nominal protagonist of The L Word was, at first, newly out writer Jenny Schechter Mia Kirshner , the spiritual hero of the show was none other than aspiring hairstylist Shane McCutcheon Kate Moennig , the only hardscrabble, non-lipstick lesbian on a show populated primarily by white, affluent femmes. One thing stayed true, though; when Shane appeared onscreen, tousle haired and sardonic, audiences both queer and not took notice.

The appeal of Shane has endured, still debated and appreciated in dorm rooms and lesbian bars across the world. In honor of her return to the small screen, here is an oral history of Shane McCutcheon—according to the people responsible for bringing her to life, as well as the fans who loved her. Ilene Chaiken co-creator, writer, and executive producer : Of all the characters, Shane was the one I had the most specific, visceral sense of.

I knew Shane would be the hardest to cast, because not a lot of experienced, skilled actresses had the vibe of sexy and defiant androgyny that I wanted. Gary Levine president of entertainment at Showtime : That original pilot shot of Shane in the vest, going around the hedges, has only gotten more iconic with time. I thought, What the hell is this? But I figured it out by page two.

I met with the casting director, who put me on tape, and then they flew me to L. One other girl was reading for Shane that day, and that was Leisha Hailey, who plays Alice. I have nothing to play with in this scene.

‘The L Word: Generation Q’: Showtime Renews Sequel Series For Second Season – TCA

She is played by American actress Leisha Hailey. She was listed in AfterEllen. Alice is a journalist for LA Magazine.

The New L Word Is Expanding the Queer Aesthetic Canon The returning L Word cast members Bette, Shane, and Alice have settled further.

Jump to navigation. Photo Credit: Showtime. For those who are new to The L Word universe, here are the most essential episodes to watch to prep for Generation Q. The entire first season of The L Word only requires a quick skim. Though the season I sets up a lot of backstory, it also prioritizes extremely frustrating storylines. Art curator Bette Jennifer Beals and her partner Tina Laurel Holloman get a lot of screen time in the first season, though their relationship is toxic.

Dana Erin Daniels is the best part of this episode. In one very sweet moment, Dana lays in bed with her cat, Mr. Remember Lara? So am I. This episode also introduces us to Cherie Jaffe Rosanna Arquette , who becomes an important character in later seasons. We get a lot of sex and a lot of feelings, though many of the characters are cheating and sneaking around. Shane and Jenny become even closer when they realize their new roommate, Mark Eric Lively , is a gross misogynist who questions if lesbians are able to have sex.

How ‘The L Word’ revival looks in 2019: Trans lesbians, dating apps and post-Trump reality

Shane was originally billed to Moennig as “sexy” and “androgynous”. She has elements of realism because “life imitates art and art imitates life”. The actress further explained that she related to certain aspects of Shane’s storylines because she had previously experienced them. Fellow cast member Leisha Hailey who plays Alice Pieszecki also disagreed and believed that Shane was more androgynous.

Moennig told Karman Kregloe from AfterEllen.

Dana Fairbanks is a very athletic, white and feminine pro tennis player, and thus high-class. She starts out as closeted, but begins to date Tonya, an obsessed.

LGB TEASE The fifth season opens with Shane derailing plans to move in with Paige, then suffering the consequences, while Jenny returns from a Mexican vacation with a billionaire movie financier in tow; Phyllis has sudden doubts about the exclusivity of her romance with Joyce; Helena gets tossed into jail for ripping off Catherine and Bette’s welcome-home gesture to Jodi backfires.

Tina’s obvious, lingering affection for Bette affects her dating prospects; Shane’s last-minute gig styling hair at a wedding results in a comic series of erotic encounters; Tasha reveals her reason for not shipping out to Iraq: she’s being investigated for “homosexual conduct. The production of “Lez Girls” finally begins and director Jenny deals with all the usual headaches of filmmaking — including a recalcitrant star and lover, Nikki; Bette and Tina struggle with their rekindled feelings; the owners of SheBar take their war against the gang to the next level.

Also, Shane takes a shine to Phyllis’s straight daughter; and Jodi throws a dinner party and invites Tina and a date. After a quick dip in the pool, Jodi does her best to cool things off with Bette but is quickly turned away as Bette would rather brave the heat with Tina than with Jodi. Shane is confronted by her new admirer, or shall we say ‘stalker’ Molly. A sympathetic Tina pedals through the topic of Jodi and Bette.

Alice Pieszecki

Even people who never watched The L Word remember Shane McCutcheon, the shaggy-haired, smoky-voiced hairdresser who bedded more than a thousand women. But we loved her in spite of all that, or maybe because of it. In the midst of a divorce, she takes home the flight attendant who works on the private plane that drops her back in L. What do you remember about your audition?

What was going on in your life then?

Okay, we’ll say it: Jenny and Shane belonged together on “The L Word.” Maybe it makes us unstable, maybe it makes us out of touch, but we.

On The L Word , the first-ever scripted series following the lives of lesbian characters, hair has never been just hair. As if by magic, their hair maintained its sheen. And then there was the computer technician Max Daniela Sea , the only transgender character to become a show regular, whose grooming appeared less tailored to any individual personality and more designed just to showcase the process of transitioning—especially the baffling beard he grew seemingly overnight after buying black-market testosterone.

Unlike the more fleshed-out Shane, Max was also more thinly sketched, without the benefit of rich story lines about other parts of his life. A lot has changed since , when The L Word first premiered on Showtime. Though the show creator Ilene Chaiken serves as an executive producer alongside Moennig and fellow returning actors Jennifer Beals and Leisha Hailey, she knew the reboot needed to have a distinct, modern voice. The reboot picks up with Shane, as well as the museum director turned mayoral candidate Bette Porter Beals and the radio-show host Alice Pieszecki Hailey , 10 years after the first series ended.

It was in Los Angeles. I live in L. Finley, Sophie, and Dani live with Micah Lee Leo Sheng , an adjunct professor who takes his love interest out on a first date with a gift card the revelation of which is refreshingly more climactic than the disclosure of his trans identity.

‘L-Word’ cast member defends dating man