Microsoft releases patch for eight-character bug that can kill Skype

Date bug will prevent bit iOS devices from booting up, rendering them inoperable even through fail-safe restore methods using iTunes. The precise cause of the issue has not been confirmed, although speculation points to the way iOS stores date and time formats meaning that 1 January is stored as a value of zero or less than zero, causing every other process that requires the time stamp to fail. To actually set the date back that far manually is quite laborious, requiring lots of scrolling, saving the time and then re-entering the time and date settings to scroll some more. Users are not likely to do it by accident, although pranksters have taken to bricking Apple Store demo units. But there is a possibility that a malicious attacker could trick an iOS device connected to a network set to automatically adjusting its time settings into setting the date to 1 January by pretending to be a time server. A hacker could brick every bit iPhone connected to a public Wi-Fi network, for instance. Users curious about the bug have reportedly bricked their devices trying to disprove the reports on Reddit , ending up having to have the iOS devices replaced by Apple. The Guardian suggests that you do not try it. Jailbroken iPhone users can protect themselves by using several tweaks that prevent the date being set to

Android’s Emoji Problem

This can make it difficult or impossible to connect to services at home, like remote desktop or FTP. Using an update client with your Dynamic DNS DynDNS Pro hostname allows you to make sure you can always reach your home network, because it makes sure that your hostname is always up-to-date with the latest IP address. You can either use the update client in your router or download a software client to run on your computer.

Release date. November 20, (). Running time. 95 minutes. Country, United States. Language, English. Budget, $ million. Box office, $ million. A Bug’s Life is a American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation.

There are several reasons why your activity looks like it starts at the wrong time or on the wrong date. Please refer to the following:. Please refer to the following: If you recorded with the Strava mobile app and the activity’s year is or , you may be experiencing an issue related to a GPS rollover that occurred on April 6, Learn more here. If the activity does not contain GPS data , check your profile settings and make sure your time zone is set properly.

Activities recorded indoors with no GPS data will default to the time zone of the location listed on your profile and sometimes Strava gets stuck when updating your time zone based on the location listed on your profile.


The Love Bug sometimes referred to as Herbie the Love Bug is a American comedy film directed by Robert Stevenson and the first in a series of films made by Walt Disney Productions and distributed by Buena Vista Distribution that starred an anthropomorphic pearl-white, fabric-sunroofed Volkswagen racing Beetle named Herbie. It also features Buddy Hackett as Jim’s enlightened, kind-hearted friend, Tennessee Steinmetz, a character who creates “art” from used car parts.

In , Jim Douglas is a miserable race car driver , reduced to competing in demolition derby races against drivers half his age. Jim lives in an old fire house overlooking San Francisco Bay with his friend and mechanic, Tennessee Steinmetz, a jolly Brooklynite who constantly extols the virtues of spiritual enlightenment , having spent time amongst Buddhist monks in Tibet , and builds “art” from car parts. After yet another race ends in a crash and Tennessee turns his Edsel into a sculpture , Jim finds himself without a car and heads into town in search of some cheap wheels.

RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time Fixed bug: RunAsDate failed to work properly when using the bit and the.

Are you experiencing an issue with an Opera product or just want to find out how to do something? You’re at the right place. Read the help pages. Choose your platform below to view frequently asked questions and find out more about our flagship mobile browser:. Opera Touch is made to be used on the go. It features a faster web search and is the perfect companion for your Opera PC browser. Read more about Opera Touch.

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Part of this involves using cookies to collect anonymous data for statistics and personalization.

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Your phone needs the update because of the GPS time rollover issue. Basically, GPS devices measure date and time using a week counter, which is only able to count up to week 1,, after which the counter resets back to zero.

description of the problem or error message, including the date and time (​including time zone) it happened; screenshots of the page where you.

The Google design team were months ahead of Apple with new emoji in the past year. Support for the latest emojis came to Android in the major Nougat release in August of Yet the vast majority of Android users still can’t see these new emojis. Instead, they see this:. Unicode 9 support was first added to Android 7.

This was some timely updating from Google, especially compared to previous years. Above: Unicode 9 emojis as shown on Android Nougat.

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Curtis Moldrich Read more June 3, A new Skype bug has appeared that will cause the program to crash indefinitely. The bug appears to affect the Windows version of Skype as well as mobile users on Windows Phone, Android and iOS — but strangely, the Skype for Mac app remains unscathed.

Preconditions Magento Hava a database running on MariaDB Steps is not up to date Run ‘setup:upgrade’ to update your DB schema and data. This bug as totally broken my capistrano-magento2 deployement.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. For some reason I need to test current and previous dates with Javascript Date Object. I changed my system time with back date i. I used following code:.

Note: I am using Chrome Can somebody tell me what’s wrong with Google Chrome with Date? There is an open bug in Chromium regarding this issue.

App crashing

A real-time clock RTC , commonly referred to as a hardware clock , typically an integrated circuit on the system board that is completely independent of the current state of the operating system and runs even when the computer is shut down. A system clock , also known as a software clock , that is maintained by the kernel and its initial value is based on the real-time clock. Once the system is booted and the system clock is initialized, the system clock is completely independent of the real-time clock.

The system time is always kept in Coordinated Universal Time UTC and converted in applications to local time as needed.

I have a problem with Facebook Stay up to date responding on Facebook and Twitter Sir Please understand over Problem Please help yous Justice Please​.

The RuneScape Rules of Conduct are listed below. The titles and summaries give a good sense of what each entails, and mostly it’s just common sense. However, further detail is found in each section, should you need it. The Ignore List allows you to avoid individual players with whom you do not wish to interact. However, should you encounter another player presenting a serious risk to yourself or other players, or maliciously undermining your game experience, the Report Abuse feature allows you to escalate these problems directly to us.

Software that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in our games may not be used.

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