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Jump to content. So I recently made port and am able to login to the game again, so I decided to go back to some old tanks I used to play, currently collector tanks. Some were sucky and others were brilliant. I want to give them another look to see how they cope with the current game. Didn’t quite appreciate this tanks gun depression of 12 degrees when I was playing it but now I am bit more experienced I am looking forward to taking it into battle with the good dpm it has. The other DW2. Not sure what to expect with this one, but it was a good tank and given its a tier V, so be part of the next HP buff. I’m really a unicum in disguise. I would caution though that all heavies tiers v-ix are getting buffed in 6. Go Ape Be happy Party On!

Advent KV 220-2

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As stated earlier the KV does have limited matchmaking which will only see it face tier 3, 4, 5, and 6 tanks instead of up tier tier 7 tanks.

Released officially on August 12, , World of Tanks quickly hit the one million registered players milestone. Back then, the game was quite different than the one available right now, but some key elements remained, such as the top-tier Russian and German tanks — the IS-7 and Maus — although their stats were nerfed and buffed multiple times over the decade that followed. Although there are still a few whole months ahead of the 10th anniversary day, Wargaming has decided to kick off the celebrations with today’s game update, a refresh that brings the current version to 1.

Its highlights include a lot of tech tree changes fortunately, those who were gathering experience to research certain vehicles that have been re moved will receive compensation for their previous efforts , increased hit points pool for low-tier vehicles, as well the beginning of a long path full of missions that leads to August’s anniversary. Obviously, Wargaming couldn’t have missed this opportunity to also kick off a series of special deals that bring iconic special vehicles in the reach of new players, but they don’t come cheap.

Since the celebration of this anniversary will last until October and consists of five acts, there’s much more to come. Before you head into the game, you might want to check the screenshots below — these all come from my collection of screenshots I’ve taken since the early World of Tanks 0. World of Tanks Europe.

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The composition of tanks in each team is a task of matchmaker. It works in following manner. It takes one tank from the queue and looks at his tier. For example it is IS – russian heavy with tier 7. The matchmaker takes the corresponding line from the table below and sees that the IS has battle tiers from 7 till 9. Randomly is the tier for battle selected.

In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl.

World of Tanks || KV-220-2 – is it Worth it?

Jump to content. Timmber, on 11 December – PM, said:. But back on topic i like to hear from people who have it now and use it, not long ago youtube vids and while the stats do look nice it does not always translate well into the game itself. Kashuken, on 11 December – PM, said:. It’s basically a KV-1 with better hull armor, but worse turret armor that only see tier 6’s, see below:.

The list of such vehicles includes — for now — the Russian KV-5 and KV, as well as the American M6A2E1. Since the celebration of this.

Jump to content. But not for long. For ” Heroes never die. Turret is the weak point of KV, you still have to shoot the side of it’s turret and not the area around the gun if you are aiming. Why bother coming onto the forum when you’re going to be defensive and reject the advice you asked for? Without seeing replays, I’m going to have to go with Feet’s reply of bad aim because nobody should have any issues penning the front, much less the rear, of the turret with a T Slight angling on the turret makes it extremely hard to penetrate, it’s better to go for the manlet like I said, only times where you should shoot the sides of the turret is when they’re completely flat on to you.

Sides of the turret are what? If you’re using a gun with over mm of penetration, as long as the turret isn’t angled over 30 degrees you will penetrate every…single…time. Seeing as you claim to be not penetrating the turret, it means you’re either aiming poorly or your opponent is angling their turret well. Therefore, “bad aim”. I didn’t say you were bad. If you took it that way I’d say you’re over sensitive.

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The best win rate at tier five and six is the KV–2 with an overall 55% win rate. The main thing with this is it has the hull of the KV-3 – a tier seven heavy.

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We like tanks and hate artillery. We are here for the free exchange of tips, strategies, player guides, how-to’s, news, information, and discussion. You can still post. We just wont like you much. Questions on the bogatyr kv Question self. I think, you will find out quickly that most players know these tanks well and at the end of each match your turret is going to look like Swiss cheese.

Premium tanks may have preferential matchmaking, eg A can only play against tier vehicles, Pz IV Hydro, KV, M4A2E4 – only.

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KV-220-2 Super Tank w/ Premium Matchmaking?

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Todays Tank is the KV Tier 5 Russian Heavy Tank. The KV not being on regular sale it comes only as a Bundle on EU, NA and SEA. It never sees tier 7, so you basicaly have tier 4 matchmaking with tier 7.

Wot Matilda Matchmaking 17 05 – Preferential matchmaking tier 6 max, no tier 7 battles. Cons: Painfully low mobility: top speed, P-W ratio and terrain resistance values are all. Wot Matilda Iv Matchmaking. Tiers of tanks and tiers of battles in WoT game. Matilda Black Prince, 5, 6. Crusader, 5, 6, 7. The digram – Matchmaking in World of Tanks. Medium Tank. Defiance Matilda.

Advent Calendar Day 7: KV-220-2

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